Pulsar Marketing powers AdSonic

Content ad serving for targeted demographics and customer acquisition on a CPA advertising model.

Place full content ads; textual, banner,
and even rich media, onto web sites
that target your desired demographics.


The cost? Your ads are displayed free.
You pay only when visitors click-through
to your site and buy or register with you.
You decide how much to pay per lead/sale.







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AdSonic.com is a Pulsar Marketing Network

Benefits of our content ad serving network:

For Webmaster Affiliates

For Client Advertisers

You earn a commission for each new customer you help a client obtain.

You pay only for clicks that result in actual, valid customer acquisitions.

Our ad server software automatically posts ads which match your site's content.

Your ad is shown only on web sites that contain the content and keywords you desire.

You can have fresh content automatically updated on your site.

You can modify your ad as often as you desire to maximize targeting.

You don't have to replace expired ads. Our software does all the work for you. You can review all leads and sales acquired, and pay only for valid leads/sales.

Earn Revenue by
Hosting Content Ads


Affiliates can receive higher commissions than those offered by per click networks, plus have fresh content to help with their search engine rankings.

Advertisers have their ads delivered on sites that target their desired demographics, and pay only for actual customers acquired. Click to see how AdSonic Works.

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